Stratford University Unbound Policy

The Unbound Program

What is the Unbound Program
The Unbound Program requires each students taking Unbound courses bring an approved device to class. The purpose for bringing the device to class is to enrich their education by broadening and enhancing the quality of the academic experience and increase integration of technology into the classroom by using their own device. Therefore, students cannot share devices in class.

How will this program benefit me?
The Unbound program lays a ground work for confident and capable users in mobile technology while enhancing the learning, productivity, and efficiency in their programs by the:

  • Electronic note-taking capabilities and highlighting and annotation of text in e-books
  • Quick and easy use of the search function and navigation of content
  • Access all program resources with you at all times in one lightweight device from anywhere
  • Potential to instantly generate and share media rich content quickly
  • Access to email, messaging, social media, photo-sharing, research, and web-surfing always
  • Usage of the device reduces the need for a camera, recorder, calculator, etc.
  • Potential significant savings in textbooks and in printing
  • Skills, knowledge, and experience gained during the program allowing them to become prepared for real world work environments before graduation

Cost for the Program

Is there a cost?

  • Yes, there is a cost to purchase a device from Stratford University. A technology fee will be assessed over 3 terms using tuition reimbursement or direct payment.
    • The standard device for a NON-CIS program is an iPad Air 2 at the cost of is $580.00 with tax. The standard device for a CIS program is a Surface Pro 4 at the cost of is $1,470.00 with tax. Non-CIS program can purchase either an iPad Air 2 or a Surface Pro 4. CIS program requires a Surface Pro 4.

What does the cost cover?

  • For the iPad the cost covers an iPad Air 2 with 64GB and WIFI capability. A 2-year AppleCare warranty and a Logitech type keyboard folio case.
  • For the Surface Pro 4 the cost covers a Surface Pro 4, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Cover for Surface Pro, and Surface Insurance.


  • Yes, you can bring a Stratford University IT approved device to class. The technical specifications are listed in the Stratford University catalogue or addendum. If a student does not have an approved device, they can purchase a device on their own or using their Title IV, VA benefits or payment plan, they can purchase an iPad Air 2 or Surface Pro 4 from Stratford University.

Safety and Security

Who is responsible for the Stratford University device?

  • Students are responsible for their device.

What happens if the Stratford University device is damaged?

  • Each Stratford University device comes with a 2 year insurance policy that provides coverage for two incidents of accidental damage with a slight cost. Check the device‚Äôs warranty for the cost.

What happens if the Stratford University device is lost or stolen?

  • Students are legally and financially responsible for their devices once the device fee is assessed and the University is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged devices once student acknowledges receipt of said device.
  • Students will be responsible for costs in repairing or replacing devices due to negligence, loss, or intentional misconduct.

What happens if I withdraw or cancel from the program?

  • If a student cancels or withdraws enrollment in the applicable unbound class which resulted in assessment of the charge, the student is responsible for the cost of the device if they choose to keep it.
  • At the discretion of Stratford University, if the student returns the device in approved UA IT good condition prior to the end of the academic term in which the device was provided, a pro-rated technology fee will be applied to the student account which they are responsible for depending on the week in which the student withdrew from the class or enrollment in the class was cancelled. No proration shall be allowed after the end of the term in which the device was provided.
  • If the student does not return the device in approved UA IT good condition, the student will be responsible for the full charge associated with the device and the students account is subject to Stratford University collections policies up to and including legal action to recover the balance owed.

Service and Support

What can I do with my device?

  • Students are encouraged to use their device to take notes, access Moodle, collaborate on projects, engage in breakout sessions in class, research content for papers, present content, and access their e-book in class, at the discretion of their professor.

Is there any service or support for these Stratford University devices?

  • Hardware support is provided by the vendor. Stratford University will work with the student, within reason, to support an issue that may arise on a purchased device.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

  • Send an email to Be sure to include the type of device and a detailed information surrounding your question.