Electronic Registration

You can register for courses offered within a specified academic quarter through the Stratford student Portal.

  1. Login to the portal See the How do I Login section for instructions.
  2. Click on Register and Academic Plan Tab: Register for Courses
  3. Select the Program/Degree/Curriculum for the plan you are registering for
    Your plan will appear with the details of the courses you need to take, have taken or are currently taking. If you need the course you will see a magnifying glass, if you have taken the course you will see a check, and if you are currently taking the course you will see an hour glass. If you previously took a class but did not meet the minimum requirement you will see a yellow caution sign and you will also see the magnifying glass.
  4. Locate a class you would like to take and click on it.
  5. The sections that match the course code will appear, if you see “Add” next to a section then it is a course that you can select for registration. Look at the section number to ensure if it is available at your campus, the two letters of the section provide the campus. The campus is also located in the schedule column of the course listings. img3
  6. Once you click “Add” you will see a window that shows you that a course has been added to your cart. You can hide it, view cart, or proceed to registration. If you need to add more courses click the Academic Plan to select more courses, please follow the steps below. Once you are complete with your registration click “Proceed to Registration”.img4
  7. This is where you will review your schedule to make sure you have selected the classes you want to take at the days and times you want to take them. Also make sure you have the correct campus, the “OL” courses do show a campus location and day and time; the online course does not meet in person. When it is the correct schedule click “Finish”.img5A pop up message will display, requesting you to confirm the registration. img6If you click yes and confirm your registration, you will see the following confirmation screen: img7The registration process is now complete and the registration has been sent to your Advisor for approval. After your Advisor reviews the registration an email will be sent with the direct link to view the approval/denial. If the advisor approves the registration the process is complete.