Adding Notes to SRM System

  1. Log into Self-Service.

  2. Click on Advising.
  3. Click on Manage Notes.

  4. Enter in the student’s ID number – this can be located in several different place – if you are a faculty member you can see the ID# in the class list, if you are an advisor/department chair/campus dean you can locate this in the students profile. Make sure you use a “P” before the 9 digit number.
  5. Click on Search.

  6. All notes that you have access to see will appear. You have the ability to filter the results on Type and Department. You can “Hide All” or “Show All” or hide and show individual notes.
  7. To add a new note click on “Add New Note”.

  8. This is what will appear after clicking on Add New Note.

  9. Select the “Note Type”, “Office” that fits what you are entering the note about and then add the note. No restriction to the length of note so you can add as much detail as needed.
  10. Click on Submit.

  11. This is the message that appears once the note saves.

  12. The process is now complete.