Password Recovery - Forgot/Reset your Password

Procedure to follow if you forgot or want to reset your password

  1. Go to

  2. Click on Forgot Password button

  3. Enter your username and click on the submit button. Be sure to enter in just the username and not your email address.
    Note: For example if your email address is would be mmetzler.

  4. Click on email or phone number to use to reset your password. This will depend on which method you chose when you setup your password recovery option.

  5. When you select the phone number, you will receive the following message. Click the submit button to proceed.

  6. You will receive a temporary code via text on your phone that you will need to enter into the field and click the submit button.
    Note: On the phone the message will be: Your tempporary code is: 234567, this code will be valid for 2 hours. Stratford University. The code is an exmaple.

  7. Once you enter in the correct code and click submit, you will be asked to enter in a new Password twice. Once that is done. Click the submit button.

  8. After you click submit and enter the correct values, the following will display.

  9. You can now login into the system using your new password.