Install Word App on the iPad

Download the app
  1. To access Word from your Ipad, tap on the App Store icon to download the free app.

  2. Search for Word app. Once found, tap on the cloud.

  3. As the app downloads a line will appear on the inside of the circle. The download is complete when the inner circle is done.

  4. Tab the open icon to use the Word app.

  5. When the Word app opens, info screens will appear. Read through each one and then tab on Create and Edit Documents button.

  6. New icon on the left will be highlighted. Tab on Blank Document to create a Word document.

  7. Enter text in the document. When done, tap on the arrow with a circle pointing to the left.

  8. Type in the name of the document in the name field and tap the Save button in the top right a hand corner.

Note: Use steps 1-4 to download Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote apps to the iPad.