There are multiple to navigate within Moodle. The first option is the Menu at the top.

  1. Links: Located in the main menu that are accessible from anywhere in Moodle.
    These links will provide:
    • Home – access to your to your home page
    • Important Resources - access to a number of resources
      1. Textbooks – content regarding textbooks, ebooks and customer support
      2. Library Online – content on library services, ebooks, and research databases
      3. Forms – access to administrative forms
      4. Self-Service Portal – used to register for classes
      5. Rave Alert – ability to setup alerts/notification in case classes are cancelled due to weather conditions
    • Email – link to your Stratford’s email login page
    • Contact Tech Support – Moodle and IT support
    • Online Orientation - access to orientation content
    • Popular Links – access to Self-Service Portal, Rave Alerts, and Stratford’s social media sites
    • End of Course Survey – access to course survey’s available at the end of each term
  2. Breadcrumbs: These display at the top of the page, below the Links. They show you the route you took to reach the course page (e.g. My home > Courses > [course name]). Click on these breadcrumbs to return to earlier pages.
  3. Blocks: The boxes down the right-hand side of the page are called "blocks". They contain specific information or functions for students in Moodle. Contents within a block can change depending on the page.
    • Blocks you will encounter on every page:
      • Navigation – access to site pages, profile, and course pages.
    • Blocks you will encounter on course pages:
      • Search forums – used to search the course forums for a word or phrase.
      • Latest News – displays recent posts names to the News Forum.
      • Upcoming events – displays future events in a summarized lists.
      • Recent Activity – displays changes made to the course since they last accesses the course.
      • My courses – list the courses you are enrolled in

      Note: Depending on your permissions, you can add additional blocks to your home page by clicking on the Customize this page button under the magnifying glass on the Dashboard page.