In your Moodle course, your teacher may require you to submit work online. Work can be submitted either as text or a file, based on how your instructor has setup the assignment. The most common submission is usually a file and depending on the instructor setup, a student can submit either one or multiple files.

To submit an assignment in Moodle:

  1. You will need to access the Assignment Activity on the main page.
  2. Once you click on the assignment activity, and the next step is to click on the Add submission button.
  3. Drag and drop the file into the File submissions box, or alternatively you can click to “Add”>Upload a file>Choose the file on your computer and click the “Upload this file” button. On rare occasions you will only see a box (Online Text), where you have to type in (or copy/paste) your assignment.
  4. Click on the Save changes button once your file is in the submission area. Depending on the assignment setup by your instructor, you may receive an automatic notification email about your submission. Optional: on rare occasions you will have the option to save only as a draft, and “send for marking” when you are ready and finished.
  5. Once you submit the assignment you will be able to check the submission status. You will see the submission status (e.g. Submitted for Grading, or Draft)
    • The Grades and feedback, if you received any (you may receive an email notification about this if your professor decide to notify you.)
    • Due date, modification date and time remaining. The option to upload your submission will disappear usually immediately after the deadline.
    • You may have the option to add comments to your assignment
    • You may have the option to modify your assignment (if your professor allowed this. i.e. add another file, or delete the file and upload a revised version). You just have to click on the “Edit submission” button, select the uploaded file, click “delete” and then upload the correct version.

  6. Once you submit the assignment you will be able to check the submission status and the grade once your instructor has graded your assignment.

    If you assignment was graded using a rubric, you will be able to see the rubric used to grade your assignment.