Stratford University provides you with complimentary textbooks. A complimentary textbook may come in the form of an e-Textbook, a print copy or ancillary depending on the class requirements. While Stratford provides you with compli-mentary textbooks, you, as a student, have the responsibility of ordering the print only, print ancillary and electronic ancillary item through the Stratford / MBS Direct Online Bookstore. To determine if your class has an item to order, check the master textbook list at www.stratford.edu/textbooks. If you want a different format than is listed on the mas-ter textbook list, you are responsible for the cost of the item and procuring it yourself.

E-TEXTBOOKS: you do not have to place an order through the online bookstore for any Ebook Only formats. Rather a “RedShelf E-Textbook” link will be available in your Moodle class. Once you click the “RedShelf E-Textbook” link, you will be taken directly into the book.

Below are instructions that will guide you through the process of ordering any print only, print ancillary or electronic an-cillary formats that you find on the master textbook list.

Step 1 - Login to your Stratford email and locate the ordering email. Click the "Get Your Books Now" link.

image 1

Step 2 - Enter your Moodle user name (exp: jsmith1234). Click "View Your Materials"

image 2

Step 3 - Scroll down and view the textbooks for your class. Add the book(s) to your cart by clicking “Add Selected to Cart”. If you already have a copy of the book, click “No Thanks”. Once it is added you will receive a screen that indicated that the item has been added to your cart.

image 3a

image 3b

Step 4 - Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Proceed to Checkout"

image 4

Step 5 - Review your cart and then click on “Check out Now”

image 5

Step 6 - Complete creation of your online bookstore account in the “New Customers” area the first time you order items. Your Stratford email will be pre-populated. Com-plete the other fields in the form and click on “Create Your Account”. NOTE: for subse-quent orders you will login in the “Existing Cus-tomers” area, using your Stratford email and the password you created.

image 6

Step 7 - Complete your address information. This is where your items will be sent. Then click on “Choose your shipping method”.

image 7

Step 8 - Choose your shipping method and click on “Select Payment Option”.

image 8

Step 9 - Click the box next to the Privacy Policy to accept it. Then click on “Review and Submit your order”.

image 9

Step 10 - View your veritification

image 10


You can log into your bookstore account to view your orders, look at your order detail, change your shipping address or change your password. Please continue to use your Stratford email as the default email for this account. Do not change it to your personal email.

Step 1 - On the Moodle main menu, click "Books" and "Bookstore / MBS"

image 11

Step 2 - Click "Log In to Your Account"

image 12

Step 3 - Enter your Stratford email and password under Existing Customers since you have already created your account.

image 13

Step 4 - Click on the “Order ID” to view the details of your order.

image 14

Step 5 - Click under “Account Settings” to make changes to your account. You can easily change your shipping address. Because your textbooks are complimentary, you will not be billed for the textbooks so you do not need to add any credit card information.

image 15

image 16

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