Access Your VitalSource E-Textbooks Directly from Moodle

Stratford University is working with its partner, Ed Map, to provide easier access to your VitalSource e-textbooks through Moodle.

What do I need to do?

Step 1. ORDER YOUR STRATFORD E-TEXTBOOKS Access your Stratford email 1 week before the beginning of the term. Look for an email from EdMap in your Stratford email indicating that your textbooks are ready to order. Order your Ebook/Print on Demand copy through the online bookstore. NOTE: Ebook Only formats will be loaded directly into your VitalSource account.

Step 2. LOGIN TO MOODLE Once on your Moodle dashboard, click on your class. For example:

Step 3. LOOK FOR THE E-TEXTBOOK LINK In Moodle courses that use VitalSource e-textbook content, there will now be a link called VitalSource E-Textbook. This link provides immediate access to your e-textbooks on the VitalSource Bookshelf without you having to login to VitalSource. The link looks like the following:
Once you click on the link you will be automatically taken to your VitalSource e-textbook.

NOTE 1: If you have not used VitalSource before you click on the link, you will be prompted to agree to their Terms and Conditions before accessing your e-textbook.

NOTE 2: If you click on this link and have not ordered your e-textbook you will be taken in to your pending cart in EdMap. Follow the screens to place the order. Once you complete your order you should automatically be taken to your VitalSource e-textbook. See Appendix A at the end of this document for screenshots that walk you through the process.

What if the VitalSource link doesn’t work?

For VitalSource links that don’t work, please email with the subject line of “VitalSource E-Textbook Issue”.

Other means of accessing your VitalSource E-Textbook.

While the VitalSource links within Moodle make accessing your e-books easy and convenient, you can still access your e-textbooks in the traditional way. Once logged into Moodle:

  • Click on “Important Resources” in the blue menu at the top of the screen.
  • Click on “Textbook” and then “eBook Platform”
  • You will be taken to the VitalSource Bookshelf login page where you can use your Stratford email and whatever password you setup for VitalSource, to login to the Bookshelf.

You can also continue to access your e-textbook through any apps you downloaded to your mobile devices or any software you downloaded to your laptop or desktop. Any highlights or notes you make will continue to automatically synch, once connected to the internet, amongst your devices and the online version.


Step 1 - Click on the link in their Moodle class.

Step 2 - You will be taken to your pending cart in the online bookstore, EdMap.

Step 3 - Verify the title.

Step 4 - Enter or verify the account information

Step 5 - Confirm Shipping Information if this screen appears.

Step 6 - Review and Place the Order

Step 7 - Processing the Order

Step 8 - Access the e-textbook in VitalSource

Step 8a - Students new to VitalSource.

Step 8b - Add your student information.

Step 8c - Access your e-textbook.